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Foster Parenting!

Well, sometimes things just come together. And what I’ve learned over the years is that with my personality type I really rely on that happening. And thankfully, it often does!

Several weeks back I had an appointment with my OB/GYN to discuss baby things – mainly what this new genetic issue means for me and how I am going to prepare for future pregnancies and what I will do if a pregnancy occurs. I just wanted to feel as informed and prepared as possible. Anyway, toward the end of the appointment I mentioned that we were open to adoption as well and my doctor informs me that he and his wife were beginning the adoption process and he then tells me about an informational meeting at the DHS the following week.

So Leo and I went to this meeting with adoption in mind, but when we left we had already started the process to become foster parents! Leo and I saw a great need in the community and we both felt that this was the direction we were intended to go. We left excited about this future step. I never wanted to consider fostering before because the idea sounded so horrible – taking care of a child and then having him/her taken away. But after learning about it, I realize that the goal is to reunite the child with his parents and to provide a loving, stable environment in the meantime. Even if we don’t adopt out of fostering, we are helping children in need. And that’s amazing!

The initial paperwork is underway. We have to take a parenting class this spring and get a few other things taken care of and then we will open up our home to a child. We are starting slowly – only one child between 0 and 4 years old. We can’t wait for things to get rolling! We have been blessed and we want to use those blessings to bless others.



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