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A group of five or six deer gathered in our yard when I wake up in the morning is not an uncommon occurrence. We see deer all the time. One night I heard a very loud pack of coyotes storming through our front yard. It was a horrible sound. We see snakes quite often. Which I do not like one bit. I can handle just about anything else, spiders (which A&C can testify that we have lots of in our basement), wasps, coyotes…but snakes terrify me. We’ve seen a couple in the creek that we think may be cottonmouths, which are quite poisonous. We’ve also seen copperheads. On our rock road (which is about 1.5 miles long), we have seen an armadillo and a road runner (it looked just like the cartoon!).

Similar to the one we saw

Similar to the one we saw

Also, we discovered a tiny black kitten was living inside our mailbox. Leo stuck his hand in to get the mail and this creepy little thing comes screeching out of the mailbox! This little cat lived in the mailboxes for a long time. One day we were driving out and we see the cat walking along the road with a peanut butter jar completely stuck on his head! He had licked the end of the jar clean, like a windshield. It was quite amusing. Leo had to twist and pull to get it off. It definitely would have died in that state if it weren’t for Leo. From that day on, Leo was that little guy’s hero.

Poor little guy...

Poor little guy...

One of my favorite wildlife moments was when an Eastern Screech Owl perched himself on a branch three feet in front of where I was sitting. Screech Owls are basically miniature owls. They grow to be eight or nine inches tall. It just sat there staring at me and Olive. And we stared right back. I wanted to get a picture, but of course it soared away right as I was focusing.

Heres a photo I found of one that looks a lot like the one I saw

Here's a photo I found of one that looks a lot like the one I saw

So there are some samplings of country life for you city folk. We hear that there are bears out here…that should complete my wildlife adventures!


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