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Baby Shower Gift

A friend of mine asked me to reproduce a couple of paintings for her that she found on a website. I was more than happy to do this for her. The paintings would be my baby gift to her (she plans to use them in her nursery). When I visited the site, I discovered they were actually screen prints, not paintings, which could be a bit of a challenge.

I decided to attempt making them as paintings instead of screen prints. The images themselves weren’t hard, but getting the straight-edge style with a paint brush is tough! And getting the right colors was a challenge as well. I ended up painting over one of the paintings, but eventually they turned out ok. Amanda seemed really happy with them, which is all that matters.

The original prints can be found here:



They are each 24"x24"

They are each 24"x24"


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Last Sunday, I attended my first “Art time for the womyn” gathering. A friend of mine from work hosted this event. A small group of us are getting together once a month to create whatever we feel like creating. I worked on a watercolor painting. For not touching watercolors since college, it wasn’t too bad.


My first watercolor painting in a long time

I am very inspired by the women in this town. Yes, they all have quite a few years on me, but I still feel just as much of a connection with some of them as I do with friends my own age. One friend in particular is a daily inspiration to me. She has had such an incredible and difficult life. From a teenage date-rape pregnancy to several bad bad husbands to writing a song for Willie Nelson (which he recorded), she has had an incredible journey. She is always positive and encouraging.

I’m looking forward to many more Art Sundays. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by creative people and taking the time to be creative myself.

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