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More Ruby Videos

Leo put a couple more videos on Youtube. Little Sweetheart of the Ozarks with Sally and Red Rocking Chair.


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We finally got a new video up of a performance from last month. There should be more to come. Hopefully better ones to come…

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A recently published Ozark Folk Center E-newsletter Rachel Kempf \”Meet the Folks\”:

Monday – May 11, 2009

Garden Glory Days
Daily garden tours in the beautiful Herb Gardens begin at 11 a.m. Stop by the Plant Market for scheduled mini-workshops. Friday, May 15th features a Musical Tea at 3 p.m. on the Dr. Bessie Moore Deck.

Craft Admission is required each day. $10 Adults/$6 Children (ages 6 – 12)



Meet The Folks!
The Ozark Folk Center is a friendly place and no where is that more evident than at the front desk in the Administration Building.

People who come through the door are met with a smile and those who call in hear the same cheery “Hello, this is Rachel” on the phone whether it is morning or afternoon.

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Memorial Day Celebration
Listen to live acoustic music as you move through the Ozark Folk Center craft village learning how to make brooms, throw pots, weave baskets or cook on a woodstove. More than 20 crafters demonstrate traditional crafts, herbal lore and living history. The craft village is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Sunday and Monday to celebrate the Memorial Day holiday.

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Yarb Tales
The Heritage Herb Gardens at the Ozark Folk Center grace the park with visual colors and textures, sweet and pungent aromas. With their natural display, they help us to interpret the history of the human use of plants.

The Heritage Herb Spring Extravaganza took place this last weekend. It was the very best spring herb event ever. Just ask anyone who came. The some of the highlights were great food, awesome music, engaging presentations, educational talks and an overwhelming sense of camaraderie. The overall spirit of collaboration between the speakers, the Committee of 100, the Ozark Chapter of the Herb Society of America, the garden crew, the crafts people, the Cabins at Dry Creek, the Skillet Restaurant, the Music department and all attendees made it happen.

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Performing This Week
This weekend will feature our Merle Travis Thumb Picking Festival with special performances by Moon Mullins, Eddie Pennington and Benn Hall. If you are a fan of thumb picking style guitar playing, then this is the weekend to be at the Ozark Folk Center Auditorium.

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Leo designed my first CD cover

Leo designed my first CD cover

Ruby Pines is my stage name. It all started out as a silly thing that I didn’t even know would really come to be, but it did.

I began working at the Ozark Folk Center as the front desk receptionist at the Administration Building. After about a week of working there, the music director had several performers cancel for the Cowboy Gathering Weekend, which is somewhat of a big deal. Grady Spann, the General Manager of the park, says, “Well, Rachel can yodel” (Evidently, I had sung a line of “High on a Hill was the Lonely Goatherd” from the Sound of Music when the movie was mentioned). Next thing I know, Carl (the music director) and I are putting together an act for the shows that weekend. I learned some Patsy Montana songs, one of which has become my signature: “Cowboy Sweetheart”. It seemed to be a big hit, so they kept asking me to sing more. I would sing out on the Craft Grounds with the musicians nearly every day on my lunch break, and I sang a couple times each month on the evening show.

Ruby Pines Performance #2 Ruby Pines 3rd Performance

It’s new to me, being in the spotlight. I don’t dislike it, but it definitely isn’t a completely comfortable and natural place for me to be. I’ve always loved singing, but I never really thought anyone else would have that much interest in listening to me sing. But for some reason, people seem to enjoy it, and that makes me happy. I do have a lot of fun out there with those musicians. They are a very fun, talented group of guys, those “Old Saps”.

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Well, big city isn’t entirely accurate…and I now live within 30 minutes of a Wal-mart, so I suppose back woods isn’t exactly the case either. A little over six months ago, my husband, Leo, and I lived in the middle of Kansas City. I rode my bike to work at a bed & breakfast, I had friends all around me, including the wonderful Tenjack family that lived above us and rented to us our cute Hyde park home. Although we loved many aspects of our lives, we never felt at home in Kansas City. An opportunity arose for us to explore a more rural setting, so we moved to Mountain View, Arkansas, from where I am writing to you now.

Mountain View is a small town of about 3,000 people. We don’t actually live in Mountain View, we live in a log cabin on 53 acres of beautiful land about 11 miles east of Mountain View.

Our first month living her was pretty much a vacation. I spent my days reading on the hammock, unpacking a few things, spending an hour or so in my new garden, or working on sewing projects. It was an amazingly relaxing time. Leo was fixing up his shop or mowing the fields. We loved the isolation and the amazing night starry skies and all the wildlife we would see on a daily basis.

After a while, Leo started having a lot of work to do for Way Basics and for politicians. I decided I should probably get serious about finding a job. There is no real industry in Mountain View, and the average income is $19,000/year or something crazy-low like that. Retail and Tourism are really the only things to do here and neither of those pay well. I ended up with a job that pays horribly, but I love. (Luckily, we don’t have a lot of expenses right now) I’m working at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. I work as the front desk receptionist and group sales assistant. Neither of those jobs are terribly exciting, but the atmosphere is wonderful and I am surrounded by musicians and artists and really ridiculously nice people! After a week there, someone learned that I could sing and next thing I know, I’m yodeling on stage for hundreds of people. I soon acquire the stage name of “Ruby Pines” and become a regular act at their evening concerts.

So that is my six-month timeline. Now that you all are up-to-date, perhaps I can write about more interesting things. Mmm…probably not. I’ll just keep you posted on my adventures here in Arkansas.


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