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On July 3, 2010, my dear friends, Courtney and Stephen were wed under an old sycamore tree in Gillham Park in Kansas City. It was a lovely celebration, and I am so happy that I was a part of the event. Everything about the wedding was so refreshingly original and lovely and…well, very “Courtney and Stephen”. From the adorable handmade banner over the wedding party to the compost and recycle tubs at the reception, the entire wedding revolved around the things that the bride and groom are passionate about.

I was honored by the bride when she approached me about making her wedding dress. Well, honored and terrified! But I think at the end it all worked out well. Just as the wedding and reception reflected the couple, I believe the dress reflected Courtney’s spunk and beauty. I am glad I took on the task, which turned out to not be very difficult. I am sad to say it is one of the last big sewing projects I have done. I need to jump back on the horse and start getting creative! I’m very much looking forward to my mom moving down to Arkansas so I can have a babysitter. Although I have a wonderful child to show for my time and energy, I miss having completed projects to hold in my hand at the end of the day. I believe I can have both!

Here are some photographs from that memorable July day.



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Well, big city isn’t entirely accurate…and I now live within 30 minutes of a Wal-mart, so I suppose back woods isn’t exactly the case either. A little over six months ago, my husband, Leo, and I lived in the middle of Kansas City. I rode my bike to work at a bed & breakfast, I had friends all around me, including the wonderful Tenjack family that lived above us and rented to us our cute Hyde park home. Although we loved many aspects of our lives, we never felt at home in Kansas City. An opportunity arose for us to explore a more rural setting, so we moved to Mountain View, Arkansas, from where I am writing to you now.

Mountain View is a small town of about 3,000 people. We don’t actually live in Mountain View, we live in a log cabin on 53 acres of beautiful land about 11 miles east of Mountain View.

Our first month living her was pretty much a vacation. I spent my days reading on the hammock, unpacking a few things, spending an hour or so in my new garden, or working on sewing projects. It was an amazingly relaxing time. Leo was fixing up his shop or mowing the fields. We loved the isolation and the amazing night starry skies and all the wildlife we would see on a daily basis.

After a while, Leo started having a lot of work to do for Way Basics and for politicians. I decided I should probably get serious about finding a job. There is no real industry in Mountain View, and the average income is $19,000/year or something crazy-low like that. Retail and Tourism are really the only things to do here and neither of those pay well. I ended up with a job that pays horribly, but I love. (Luckily, we don’t have a lot of expenses right now) I’m working at the Ozark Folk Center State Park. I work as the front desk receptionist and group sales assistant. Neither of those jobs are terribly exciting, but the atmosphere is wonderful and I am surrounded by musicians and artists and really ridiculously nice people! After a week there, someone learned that I could sing and next thing I know, I’m yodeling on stage for hundreds of people. I soon acquire the stage name of “Ruby Pines” and become a regular act at their evening concerts.

So that is my six-month timeline. Now that you all are up-to-date, perhaps I can write about more interesting things. Mmm…probably not. I’ll just keep you posted on my adventures here in Arkansas.


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