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Preparing for baby

Rach pregnant

Our baby will be here in two months. We’re getting prepared. Researching topics like bed-sharing and co-sleeping, cloth diapering, birth plans, circumcision, vaccines, and breastfeeding. We started our 8-week Bradley Birthing Course last week. I think that will be a wonderful resource for us. The instructor is knowledgeable, but makes us feel comfortable. It is an intimate setting with four other couples. We have one nurse and one doctor in the bunch, which I found comforting. It made us feel less crazy for wanting a natural birth experience.

My mom gave us our first shower last week and we were blessed with so many wonderful gifts! We are feeling much more prepared with some of the “essentials”.

Here is a photo of the diaper cake mom made for us. It was hilarious…it was stuffed with cloth and disposable diapers along with every imaginable baby necessity crammed in every crevice. When I got it home and started looking inside it, it was like Mary Poppin’s carpet bag! Things just kept coming and coming!

Diaper Cake

Our midwife has also been a critical part of our preparation. At our last prenatal visit, she instructed us on how to make the bed for the birth and where to order our home birth kit. (She also informed us that I have the “perfect pelvis” for giving birth…haha…Leo hasn’t let that one go!)

This is when things are really beginning to sink in. In just a little while we will have a little person in our home! We are getting very excited. We can’t wait to meet the little Snyder/Kempf combination.

31 weeks pregnant

31 weeks pregnant


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More Ruby Videos

Leo put a couple more videos on Youtube. Little Sweetheart of the Ozarks with Sally and Red Rocking Chair.

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