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Last Sunday, I attended my first “Art time for the womyn” gathering. A friend of mine from work hosted this event. A small group of us are getting together once a month to create whatever we feel like creating. I worked on a watercolor painting. For not touching watercolors since college, it wasn’t too bad.


My first watercolor painting in a long time

I am very inspired by the women in this town. Yes, they all have quite a few years on me, but I still feel just as much of a connection with some of them as I do with friends my own age. One friend in particular is a daily inspiration to me. She has had such an incredible and difficult life. From a teenage date-rape pregnancy to several bad bad husbands to writing a song for Willie Nelson (which he recorded), she has had an incredible journey. She is always positive and encouraging.

I’m looking forward to many more Art Sundays. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by creative people and taking the time to be creative myself.


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…came home. You can stop worrying!

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Leo and I have been observing the work of beavers on the edge of our creek over the past few months. It’s pretty amazing what they’re capable of! Here are some photos of their work upstream. I’ll have to go back and take a picture of their dam for you to see. It’s pretty darn impressive. All I know is, after taking a look at some of the huge trees they gnawed down, I would not want to get in a fight with one of those little guys.

beaver creation...or destructionbeaver work

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I’m learning to crochet. One Saturday at work, a lady sat down at my desk with me for an hour or so and showed me how to make a granny square and since then I’ve been hooked. The first thing I made was this very simple chain necklace. It uses a funky ribbon thread, but is incredibly easy to make. I liked it because it almost looked like rocks or seashells, but it’s a lightweight fabric.

crocheted necklace

Fabric Crocheted Necklace

crocheted necklace 2crocheted necklace 3

I moved on from there to fingerless gloves. Here’s a sample:

fingerless gloves

Most recently I’ve been working on a hat. The pattern said it was for a newborn baby, but the more I worked on it, the more I could see that it was huge! It might even fit me. I think I used the wrong yarn. Oops. Oh well. I’ll try again.

I received some wonderful crochet books for Christmas. I can’t wait to start working on some of the projects in them, but they are still a little advanced for me.

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I started this post a couple weeks ago. It’s kind of sad now, because it may be a “In Memory of Olive” post. We haven’t seen her since Friday afternoon. Who thought that I would ever mourn the loss of a cat? But I’m pretty darn depressed. Our best scenario: She was pregnant and she went off somewhere to have her kittens and she’ll return in a couple days. I don’t know how likely that is…but I’m holding onto it for a couple more days, at least!!!

So, here’s my Memorial Post to Olive:

God & Adam?

Leo and Olive reproducing Michelangelo's work...

Asleep in the fabric basket

One of her favorite places to nap: in my sewing fabric trunk.

Leo & Olive

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People gave me some really great things…


Dad surprised me with a beautiful mandolin.

Lily's package arrived on Christmas morning and these were our gifts

Lily's package arrived on Christmas morning and these were our gifts


Sally gave me an amazing iron dressform

Janette magically found the perfect vintage swimsuit for me!

Swimsuit frontswimsuit back

Leo is restoring Samson for me! (That’s my 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that I paid cash for with my Sonic Carhop money when I was 16). I destroyed Sam’s engine back in college, and he’s been collecting dust ever since. Now Leo is bringing him back to life! And it’s going to be great fun to drive it around.

Doesn't it look beautiful?! It's such a wonderful car.

Doesn't it look beautiful?! It's such a wonderful car.

Olive and SamOlive inspecting Sam

It was a wonderful holiday full of surprises. I always get so involved in the gifts I’m giving to people that I sometimes forget about the joys of receiving thoughful gifts from family and friends. Thank you to everyone who made this a happy Christmas!

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