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Well, Christmas is over. We returned from Washington, Missouri to Mountain View yesterday. It was a wonderful holiday with my family and with Leo’s family. As usual, my family went over-the-top with piles and piles of presents! Too many to fit under or even around my parent’s tree. But it’s always fun to see what crazy things we get for each other.

Some memorable gifts I received this year: 1. a mandolin!!! from my dad…I’ve already picked out “the Merry Farmer” and several Christmas tunes. 2. some great crochet books and yarns from my mom along with a big pile of sewing supplies. 3. a fabulous seafoam green iron dressform from my sister along with some great fabrics and anthropologie clothes. 4. the perfect vintage swimsuit from my friend Janette. 5. a very cool wrap skirt from Lily in China

Just to name a few.

As for my gifts, Leo and I did manage to make something for almost everyone in my family.

For my grandma, Babo: a fleece blanket with crocheted snowflakes and names of all her kids/grandkids/greatgrandkids on it. This was actually my least favorite project. It took forever and turned out not looking at all like I planned. Luckily, Babo doesn’t have a “critical eye” and loved it.

Babo's blanket

Olive liked to help me with this project...

For mom: a quilt-like wallhanging with herbs painted on it.

mom's quilt in processquilt in progress 2mom's quilt

For Aaron: a poster with him standing in front of different famous places all around the world, including in space in front of the starship Enterprise.

Where's Aaron? poster

For Sally: a monkey dress along with a matching vest for Charlie, a pair of republican shorts, and legwarmers for her dogs.

I should have taken a picture of Sally wearing these...because they were much cuter on her...

I should have taken a picture of Sally wearing these...because they were much cuter on her...

Sally's "old man" Martin dons the legwarmer I lovingly made him...

Sally's "old man" Martin dons the legwarmer I lovingly made him...

Calvin is slightly larger than a mouse, so you can imagine how cute the legwarmers were on him...

Calvin is slightly larger than a mouse, so you can imagine how cute the legwarmers were on him...

Well, Sally definitely won't run into anyone else wearing the same dress...handmade tagcharlie's vest

For Jacob: a fancy bathrobe/smoking jacket.

JacobJacob model shoot #2Jacob model shoot #3

We also made a poster for Leo’s sister & brother-in-law, Laura & Heath. It had thousands of tiny pictures of Lucy and Lincoln on it.

Lucy & Lincoln poster

I also made a shirtdress for Lena. It was similar to the bird one I made myself, only I used chocolate brown and mint green and added an owl on a branch instead of birds. It turned out a little more “halloweeny” than planned, but it was still pretty cute.

"halloweeny" owlLena's shirtdress

I’m planning on starting my gifts for next year much earlier. I am pretty excited that I finished as many projects as I did! Not working very much helps tremendously. I’ve gotten pretty spoiled with this whole “part-time in the winter” thing. I’m pretty much loving it, but who wouldn’t?


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Ho-ho-made Christmas

Working on Christmas Projects

I decided that this Christmas I have more free time than I ever have before and I’m not exactly bringing in the big money right now either, so it would be a great year for homemade Christmas gifts. But, of course, being me, I decide to do all handmade gifts about a month before the holiday and I have these huge ideas and projects which would take months to do! So, I’m not going to get everything done that I had planned. But I have finished one project so far and have several others in the works. I guess everything else will have to wait until next Christmas. I’ll just work on them all year round. I can’t post pictures of everything until after Christmas since some people who are receiving them might see them on here! But I’ll post pictures after the holiday.

I’m making some articles of clothing, necklaces, a blanket, a quilt. I’m crocheting gloves for as many people as I can. I’ve also conquered the crocheted snowflake! It’s pretty fun. I just need so much more time!

Here are some preview pics:

herb drawingslavender & dill


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Christmas TreeThanksgiving is over, which means to me that winter is officially here. It is a typical overcast, gray winter day outside and I realized that I don’t mind that at all. I love winter as much as any other season. I don’t think I could ever live somewhere that didn’t have seasons. Leo keeps threatening to move us to Alaska, which I could probably do for a little while, but not for long.

Along with winter comes Christmas time! Leo and I went on a long hike Monday in search of a Christmas tree. We scoured our 53 acres (Ok, probably not ALL 53) and found a nice one at the top of this small mountain behind the house. I wrapped my earmuffs around the trunk so that we could find it when we came back to cut it down. After climbing down the mountain and back up another hill to get to the house we, of course, found a perfect tree right off the yard! So, we cut that one down and my earmuffs are still in the middle of the woods. Sigh…I doubt I’ll see them again, unless a raccoon scurries across the yard wearing them.

So we’ve been decorating our 11-foot home-grown Christmas tree and putting lights up in the house. It feels just like a log cabin should during the holidays! We just need some snow on the roof.

Christmas Tree 2

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